The 3 Top Places For Finding Affiliate Products To Promote

Being new to affiliate marketing can be overwhelming.

One question that needs to be answered is where am I going to find the products to sell. Apart from PLS, which I consider an affiliate program with a twist, there are 3 places to find them.

JV Zoo is one of the 3. So far I have purchased Commission Black Ops and VideoPal. More on these products.

Another good place to find products is ClickBank. Here is a good program using the Clickbank platform – Empire.

The 3rd program that I’ve spent most of my time and money on so far is called Warrior Plus. I don’t know or think that it is a better platform than Clickbank or JVZoo. I just got into that one the most while learning about affiliate marketing.

These are just a couple of products that I’ve purchased in Warrior Plus:

Shop Monopoly InstaBoss


I’ll keep adding to this list and I’ll be having more detailed reviews about each of the products that I buy as time goes by.